Discover Namibia with Local Experts

Explore Namibia with Okaume Travel, a proudly Namibian-owned company. Our tours highlight the country’s top attractions and ensure meaningful interactions with local people, offering an authentic taste of Namibia’s rich cultural diversity.

Guided Tours

Experience Namibia with the personalized service of a local private tour guide from Okaume Travel. Our guided tours are perfect for honeymooners, couples, or families, offering a unique and intimate way to explore the country. Tailored to your budget, interests, and tastes, these tours provide authentic insights into Namibia's culture, wildlife, and landscapes.

Self-Drive Tours

Discover Namibia at your own pace with a self-drive tour from Okaume Travel, a locally operated travel agency. We create inspiring itineraries tailored to your budget, timeframe, and interests, booking accommodation, vehicles, and activities. Our team in Namibia will welcome you at the airport to start your adventure

Cultural Tours

On these tours, guests communicate, partake in activities and make new friends with locals. Some of our local partners have guests stay in their spare bedrooms, others get to camp at the Chief’s homestead. Guests enjoy meals with local families and are part of day-to-day activities. At the end of the day, guests and locals make new friends and learn a lot from each other; that is what Okaume Travel is all about “New Friendships.”

Namibian Culture and Adventure Safaris

As a locally owned and operated Namibian tour operator, Okaume Travel listens to your needs to craft the perfect Namibian adventure. Our personalized tours ensure unforgettable experiences that will stay in your heart forever.  Exploring Namibia with Okaume Travel, you can be assured of the best local Namibian knowledge and support on your travels.

Our Staff

Okaume Travel has a team of experienced personnel with more than 20 years of professional experience in Namibia’s tourism and hospitality industry and abroad. 

Puye Haufiku

Puye Haufiku

Sales & Marketing

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Tour Guide

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Tour Guide